MS4 Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery Selective

CTSR 4008

This 4-week subinternship on the CT Surgery service will give you the opportunity to further develop your skills in the pre- and post-operative care of the CT surgery patient.  For your patients, your goal should be to essentially take the place of the intern, within reason.  You will be expected to take a more active role in patient care, including following more patients and presenting them with a complete assessment and plan on daily rounds.  You will also be expected to have a deeper understanding of the indications, risks, benefits, and alternatives for cardiothoracic operations, as well as the conduct of those operations.  In addition to the inpatient service, you will also evaluate patients in the outpatient clinics and in the emergency room.  You will attend regular didactic teaching sessions, take part in a simulated suture lab, spend dedicated time learning the fundamentals of cardiopulmonary bypass, and have the opportunity to present at departmental Grand Rounds or Journal Club.  Please browse through the education menu on this site. Any questions regarding this information will be answered during your orientation session.