Research Grants

Grant Name Research FY 2011-2015
Morrison Trust Gastric Leak by BioImpedance $7,400
Transonic Evaluation of cardiopulmonary bypass flow rates $2,850
Department of Defense Artificial hemoglobin for cardiopulmonary bypass pump prime $63,856
Smith and Nephew Evaluation of negative pressure wound dressings after cardiac surgery $33,000
RED-CABG Evaluation of acadesine effect when added to cardioplegic solutions for coronary artery bypass $42,000
IIMS/CTSA Pilot Grant Efficacy of Tacrolimus in Attenuating Rejection in Rat Lung Transplant $50,000
IIMS/TTR Role of Tacrolimus in Attenutation of Ischemia Reperfusion Injury $10,000
Morrison Trust Brain Dead Donor Model Development $46,000