Scott B. Johnson, MD

Associate Professor
Chief, General Thoracic Surgery
Director of Lung Transplantation
Chiscano Endowed Professorship for Research & Education

Dr. Johnson received his medical degree in 1987 from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is Board Certified in Surgery, Surgical Critical Care, and Thoracic Surgery. Dr. Johnson joined us in 1995, and is currently the chief of the division of general thoracic surgery and the surgical director of the lung transplant program. His current interests include complex foregut and esophageal resection/reconstruction, lung transplantation, complex bronchopulmonary resection/reconstruction, and tracheal surgery.

Board Certifications

Cardiothoracic Surgery
Surgical Critical care
General Surgery


MD, University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque, NM, 1987
BS, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, 1983

Postgraduate training:

Residency in Thoracic Surgery, UTHSCSA, Thoracic Surgery, 1993-1995
Fellowship in Esophageal/Critical Care, University of S. California School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, 1992-1993
Residency in Gen. Surgery, Los Angeles County University of S. California, Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, 1988-1992
Internship in Gen. Surgery, Los Angeles County University of S. California, Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, 1987-1988

Clinical interests

Current interests include: performing complex esophageal resections and reconstructions for both benign and malignant (cancer) disease; correcting previously failed anti-reflux surgery; esophageal stenting for both benign and malignant disease; treating difficult postoperative complications; performing complex pulmonary surgery for both benign and malignant disease; lung transplantation.


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Editorial | Article - Reuters Health Info

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Book Chapters

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In the News

Two Texas men breathing easier with simultaneous dual lung transplant at University Hospital: In March 2008, Dr. Scott Johnson, head of Thoracic Surgery, and Dr. Luis Angel, assistant professor of pulmonary diseases, performed the life-changing surgery for Kevin King and Kenny Deison. The dual operation marked the 300th lung transplant of the Lung Transplantation Program. More about the Lung Transplant Program (6-18-08)

Anti-rejection nanotherapy shows promise in rodent lung transplant model: Rejection can lead to failure of transplanted lungs. Scott Johnson, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgery, is one of many participants in a new study testing nanoparticle aerosol therapy to prevent post-transplant rejection, in the hopes that aerosol therapy will more directly target the lungs than traditional high-dose medications. View KENS-5 video | HSC press release (3-6-08)

Dr. Scott Johnson interviewed on KENS-5: Local scientists testing lung transplant drug on rats. Each year 1,500 American lives are saved by lung transplants but there is a high rate of rejection. Now, some scientists are trying to find a better way .... (3-12-08)

Dr. Scott Johnson, Chief of General Thoracic Surgery, interviewed by Jim Forsyth, WOAI-1200 News - Cancer of the Esophagus is an Alarming Threat: The death of former Gov. Ann Richards from esophageal cancer is bringing more attention to this rising cancer killer.

Health Science Center surgeon urges early detection for throat cancer (San Antonio Business Journal): Reflux disease can be an early warning sign for esophageal cancer, according to Scott Johnson, MD, associate professor of surgery.

Dr. Scott Johnson, Chief of General Thoracic Surgery, talks with KENS-5's Wendy Rigby about long-term antacid use masking esophageal adenocarcinoma. Worldwide in the past 25 years, incidence of esophageal adenocarcinoma has increased 350 percent faster than other forms of cancer.


Nominated for Socrates Award (STS), 2013
San Antonio Cystic Fibrosis Gala Medical Honoree, 2012
Texas San Antonio and Castle Connolly, National Top Doctors (Top 1%), 2012
Texas Super Doctors, Voted as one of the Texas Super Doctors by Texas Monthly Magazine. To be listed in the December 2005 issue., 2005
Best Doctors in America, Selected by peers, 2005
Best Presentation by a New Member of the Texas Surgical Society, 2004
Best Doctors in America, Selected by peers, 2003
"Outstanding Achievement for the Resident Teacher of the Year Award", Honorable Mention, 2001
Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, Presented by the graduating class of 2000, 2000

Professional societies

Texas Surgical Society
American College of Surgeons
Southern Thoracic Surgical Association
Society of Thoracic Surgeons, Texas Transplantation Society
J. Bradley Aust Surgical Society-Fellowship
Society of Graduate Surgeons for the Los Angeles County
International Society of Hearts’ Lung Transplantation